Using The Service

How Much Will It Cost?

Our service is FREE for day use of wheelchairs and scooters.

For new members there is a 5 administration fee payable upon registration. Please bring a photo ID and proof of address when you come to register.

A 10 charge is payable for each week's use, and 5 for weekend wheelchair hire.

Donations are gratefully received.


It is not necessary to book in advance, but advisable to ensure that a suitable vehicle is available. We have a 24-hour answer-phone. All our scooters & wheelchairs have names, so remember your favourite.

Shopping by scooter.

Blue Badge

You need to have a blue badge to park in our dedicated parking places.

If You Need Assistance

There is always a member of staff to welcome you and help you transfer from the car/taxi to your chosen transport. But we are not trained to lift you. At the time of registering, you will be shown how to operate the mobility vehicle safely by our trained staff. There is a small practice area outside our office.

Shopping in St. Georges Shopping by scooter.
Socialising by scooter.